Videos can be fun, informative, dramatic, inspiring. We are here to help you create a video that delivers the right message for you and for your audience. With your project idea at the center, we work to ensure four main goals: 

  • Authentic Storytelling: let your best advocates speak for you
  • Compelling and Compact: less is more and shorter videos have much greater reach
  • Flexible and Evergreen: feature ideas and feelings over bullet points and specifics
  • Defined goals: measure impact of the project as much as possible

While working in direct collaboration with the COH design team, we keep consistency and college brand at the forefront of your project to help bolster the college and department identity. 

Video Process

Whether its a large project or a small concept, your video idea is broken down into the following work flow. We collaborate with you during each stage of the process.

Here we work directly with you to develop your video concept, even if it isn't a full idea to start with. 

  • Pitch meeting to discuss and develop concept with client
  • Internal meeting to evaluate production needs
  • Return to the client with ideas and a final creative brief

These are all behind-the-scenes items that we take care of as needed for the project. 

  • Secure permits (as needed)
  • Location scouting
  • Script development
  • Motion graphics concept
  • Shot list
  • Storyboards (as needed)

We capture all agreed upon material from the shot list and storyboard to avoid reshoots and missed content. 

  • Principle photography (interviews)
  • B-roll (supplementary video content to visually tell the story)
  • Lighting setup
  • Sound setup

We provide a rough cut and allow time in the schedule for revisions; however, once the project has gone under final review, no more edits will be made as we move to the last phases of post production. 

  • Video editing
  • Music cue (License purchase)
  • Graphic animation and titles as needed
  • Rough cut
  • Review period
  • Final cut (no more edits after this point)
  • Final motion graphics
  • Captioning
  • Audio mix
  • Color Grading

We deliver all video projects in standard digital formats for social media, YouTube, Vimeo, and any other delivery platform required by the project. We can tailor dimensions and resolutions according to specified needs. 

Video Requests

Videography projects produced by the COH digital marketing team follow a firm production schedule approved by the Dean's office. If you have a video request, please use the request form for consideration of your project within our production schedule. If we are unable to handle your project, we can recommend a trusted vendor and/or provide guidance as needed. 

Our primary focus is outward facing content that increases the overall visibility of the College of Humanities and its respective units. We are available to consult on other audio/visual needs of the college but are unable to fully support all video requests (e.g., department lectures, educational video, etc.) at this time. When we do, they are the exception and not the rule. 


Please fill out a request form or submit questions to

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Video Team

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