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Whether you need a brochure, a catered event, or just advice on a social media post, we are here to help you. 

Services We Offer

The following is a list of our most requested services. If you don't see the answers you are looking for, reach out to us and we can discuss what you need.

We have a large set of approved UA logos (referred to as “lock-ups”) for each COH unit. There are parameters for use of each style of logo. Logo requests can be accommodated immediately and usually in less than 24 hours; please submit a request to

The graphic designers on our team are here to help you! Your designer will work with you to communicate your ideas into compelling designs while also navigating UA branding requirements on your behalf.

If you are looking for graphics help on your own, templates are available for common requests and individual templates can be created for you. You will need to have working knowledge of Adobe software (InDesign) to utilize most templates.  Our team can provide advice about UA Brand and style standards, however we are unable to provide graphic design training. Because we are accountable for adhering to strict UA licensing standards, we cannot provide approvals for materials that do not follow these standards.  If we are unable to design your project for any reason, we can recommend a trusted vendor and provide branding guidance as needed.

The Marketing team can assist with your department merchandise requests for logo’d items. We have experience with UA preferred vendors who have a good relationship with COH and a proven track record of quality, cost and delivery. The average turn-around time is 4-6 weeks, but that is dependent on the type of item being ordered and proof/licensing approval. Note, the Direct to Campus program through the UA Bookstore has been eliminated. However, all items must still pass a logo licensing review process.

The Marketing team can provide photography assistance only on a limited basis as we do not have a dedicated staff photographer. If photos are required for a marketing project, we will arrange these details or secure stock photography on your behalf. COH staff headshots are offered at the beginning of each semester at the Dean's Welcome Back receptions. You are encouraged to have one or more headshots on file for your web/media profiles.

Please submit a request or contact with as much information as possible about any potential COH news, including grants, awards, research projects, outreach programs, etc. It is important that you provide details in ADVANCE of any events, travel, conferences or publications to maximize the publicity value. While COH cannot control the news that is selected by UA or external media outlets, timely and relevant topics will have a better chance for exposure. We will work with you to find a news angle and help you identify potential news stories.  

COH Listserv messages are approved by the Dean’s office. Most events and materials handled by the Marketing team are eligible for Listserv distribution.

Content posted on COH Social Media channels adheres to a pre-set schedule specifically aimed at the audiences of each channel. If you wish to post an event or news, please submit your request to both bethsoul@email.arizona.eduand for consideration, since they cover different social media platforms.

If you would like to include an alumnus in our online Alumni Directory, please send them this link and encourage them to answer this brief questionnaire. Responses will be used to create their alumni profile and they will receive a personalized follow-up email from Jenna Finfrock. Jenna will make sure they are listed in our directory and invited to important events and opportunities.

If you need assistance identifying a graduate as an alumnus of the College, or if you need contact information for an alumnus from your department, please contact

Requests & Scheduling

You can submit requests for marketing support at any time throughout the year.  However, there are several high-volume periods where requests and new projects will take longer to process or initiate. To secure placement on our annual marketing calendar, it is recommended that you submit and discuss your needs for the upcoming academic year in the spring semester prior to that year (i.e. spring 2020 for academic year 2020-21).

Note, submitting a request does not guarantee project approval. Projects will be put into production when all content, images and other pertinent details are received.


Production times vary by project. A guide to suggested timelines is available here. As a rule, projects can be produced within shorter time periods than stated. These timelines are provided as a safe guideline to account for others ahead of you in the queue and lead times needed to effectively publicize your event or produce your materials with external providers (printers, etc.).  If your project needs to be completed within an urgent time frame (within two weeks), please indicate this information on your request form and we will do our best to accommodate your request or suggest alternatives.


Please fill out a request form or submit questions to

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Marketing Team

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